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Proof Points

Video, photography, and animation often infuse a campaign with the excitement that only visual storytelling can deliver. 

Corporate Sustainability Marketing

The video below, created by HoldFast Communications, demonstrates how we dig into complex details to uncover durable, engaging, and third-party verified proof for our client’s industry leadership. The BASF Wildlife Habitat & Environmental Education Classroom in the City of Rensselaer, New York, is an international showcase for sustainable development, including best practices in site remediation, brownfield redevelopment, and high-performance commercial construction.

FilterPave: Eco Elegant Paving

Rebranding Campaign: From a recycled porous pavement to an eco-luxury brand. The rebranding process began by creating an imaginary future starring glittering, recycled glass walkways.

What is Team Zero?

The animation explains what the nonprofit Team Zero does and how it relates to specific customers. The short is intended to demystify the process of getting to zero energy.

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